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During evenings and weekends, the Plainsboro public relies on the Plainsboro Rescue Squad (PRS) to respond to medical emergencies, traumas, motor vehicle accidents, and Fire Department calls that require medical services. We also serve as a standby ambulance service for sporting and community events.

PRS is staffed entirely by highly motivated and trained volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and trainees who live in the community. We are not part of the Fire Department or any Federal, State, or other paid agency. We are 'Neighbors helping Neighbors'.

Most of the members joined without any prior medical training and have since received hundreds of hours of training and have responded to hundreds of emergencies.

PRS members have various reasons for being part of the Squad. We like what we do and we get great satisfaction from serving the community when we are needed most.

During the business day (6:00am to 6:00pm Mon-Fri), Emergency Medical Services is provided by Plainsboro Township EMS, a paid crew hired by the Township. But even during the day, if a second or third ambulance is required, Plainsboro Rescue Squad volunteers respond.

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There is no charge for the Squad's services—even for the supplies used for treatment and transportation.

PRS relies on donations from residents, various grants, and gifts from local businesses. Volunteers answer calls, service the equipment, and receive additional training on their own personal time.

We do it because we love what we do and we know we are needed, but we also need support from the community. Donations and volunteers are always needed.

We have two videos that help explain what we do and how we work - click here to see

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