Donations and Volunteers are Always Needed

As an entirely 501(c)(3) charitable organization, our squad relies on donations from residents, various grants, gifts from local businesses, and fundraisers. It is funded entirely by voluntary contributions from individuals and external organizations. 

From these donations, we are able to grow our squad and expand the horizon and efficiency of our services to not just our communities, but to neighboring communities as well!

Everything from our ambulances to uniforms, medical supplies, training, and oxygen is paid for by these donations and charitable grants! And with your contributions, we are able to provide our best care to our patients because we believe that our residents deserve the upmost care and treatment. There are no charges for our services and patients are never billed for our care and transportation. 

We Greatly thank you for your donations. Your generosity truly means a lot f us and the communities we serve!


If you are interested in making a donation, please click on the PayPal Image below! Once again, we thank you for your contributions to our Squad and its members!

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