Vial of Life

The Vial of Life is a life-saving tool that contains information on an individual’s complete medical history and emergency contact details essential for first responders to determine the appropriate pre-hospital medical treatment.  When our EMTs are called for a medical emergency,  by having an easy access to the Vial of Life, they can quickly acquire a patient’s medical history to allow for immediate patient care! The Vial of Life is usually kept in the refrigerator or a highly visible area. 

Follow the steps below to prepare your Vial of Life!

How to Set Up Your Vial of Life

1. Watch our Video To Set up Your Vial Of Life 


2. Print the medical form from the link and fill it out


3. Print out the Decal:

4. Place the Medical Form into an old medicine bottle (this will become your Vial of Life)

5. Tape the Decal on a fridge or cabinet door

6. Place the Vial of Life inside the fridge or cabinet 

7. Please make sure you keep the updated medical form at all times! Print out new forms as needed!

As part of the Girl’s Scout Gold Award Project, Annanya Trasi (Troop 70872) has worked with the Plainsboro Rescue Squad to raise awareness about the Vial of Life!