What we do

The Plainsboro Rescue Squad provides free ambulance service to the Plainsboro and neighboring communities. We respond to 9-1-1 medical emergencies. When called upon, we also provide standby ambulance services at sporting and community events.



So what would happen if there was no Plainsboro Rescue Squad?


The Township currently staffs one ambulance crew for 12 hours per day, Monday through Friday. This is called "Plainsboro Township EMS". If the Township were to provide 24-hour per day coverage (something the Township has not committed to providing), an additional 6 to 8 employees would be needed. Still, that would only provide a single crew at a time. At least once per week, multiple calls come in a short amount of time such that two or more ambulances are needed simultaneously. Most PRS members keep their pagers on at all times so they can respond when need occurs. In the few instances where more than three ambulances are needed, the dispatcher calls a neighboring town for assistance. Other towns respond because our squad responds to them when they are unable to handle their high call volume. Here's our coverage map for the township.

In the suburbs (like Plainsboro), it is vital to have volunteers so that there are sufficient crews available when multiple ambulances are needed. In cities, there are usually several stations with overlapping coverage areas to handle these situations. It would be impractical to have paid staff waiting on second and third assignments in an area like ours. PRS volunteers have provided this coverage for more than 40 years.

We do it because we love what we do, and we know we are needed, but we also need support from the community. Click here if you need more information.

Donations and Volunteers are always needed.






Plainsboro Rescue Squad Inc.


621 Plainsboro Rd

Plainsboro, NJ 08536

(609) 799 2180   (for emergencies - always call 911)